The True Meanings Of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way

Lady Gaga has become one of the biggest stars in pop music thanks to her ability to craft great songs with interesting messages. Following her massive success with the album “The Fame,” there was a lot of pressure on the singer to produce another big hit.

To kick off Lady Gaga’s next album, she opted to release the song “Born This Way” in the winter of 2011. The song became an immediate hit, going to the top of the Billboard charts and selling more than eight million copies worldwide.

The song has served as sort of Read the rest of this entry »

Bruno Mars Loves You Just The Way You Are

Since bursting onto the pop music scene with his 2010 album “Doo-Waps & Hooligans,” Bruno Mars has become one of the top stars in the music industry.

He has enjoyed more than a dozen hit singles in just a few short years, including “It Will Rain,” “Locked Out of Heaven,” “Grenade” and his first major hit, “Just the Way You Are.”

Prior to the release of “Just the Way You Are” is 2010, Mars served as a featured artist on a number of hit songs, most notably “Nothin’ On You” by B.o.B. The success of that number one smash led to Read the rest of this entry »

Jennifer Lopez Is Back On The Floor

U.S. pop music singer actress and former American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez, is back “on the floor” with her new single.

The track, which is dominating dance floors around the world, features multi-national rapper Pitbull blasting to a scathing dance beat. Lopez, who hasn’t had a hit song in nearly 4 years, is looking to resurrect her music career with her latest effort. The pairing with Pitbull, according to many industry insiders, is one step closer to that end.

“On the Floor” is a Read the rest of this entry »

Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger Straight Up The Charts

Moves like Jagger was released in June 2011. It quickly climbed up the charts and became one of the biggest hits of the year. The song managed to make it to number one on both the United States Pop Single chart and the United States Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The song also made it to number one on the charts in many other countries, including Poland, Sweden and New Zealand.

Not only was the song very hot on the charts, but it was also very popular among music critics.The full explanation can be found at < Read the rest of this entry »

Best Places to Buy Music Online

The fastest way to get the newest music is to buy it online. Online stores can surpass any physical music store because there is a larger selection of all types of music. Finding music is easy but finding it at the cheapest price can take a little bit of searching. One wants cheap music that still has high quality audio.

Shop around before you buy. It seems like a simple concept but it is easy to go to the same site to buy everything. To make sure you are buying the best quality music for the lowest price, look through these three sites before you buy.

  • ITunes
  • Amazon MP3
  • Google Music

These three huge online music stores have a lot of music in a variety of genres. It is likely that any music one wishes to purchase will be on one of these three sites. One can search all the sites, compare prices and purchase the best offer.

Another consideration is where your music is going. With the variety of MP3 players and smart phones that hold music, it may be best to look at which company is most compatible with your software. For example, ITunes is great for any apple products: iPhone, iPad or iPod. The other sites will work but it is very quick and easy using the same brand.

It is easy to find quality music at a number of sites but it is important to compare prices. One does not want to be overcharged if he or she doesn’t have to be.

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The Enduring Popularity Of The Beatles’ Number One Hits

What can be said about the Beatles that isn’t already in print a hundred times over? One of the most influential bands in the modern world, the musical creations of the Beatles have stood outside of time and only become more beloved with age. Hundreds of artists have paid tribute to them through covers, running the gamut from punk rock bands to indie singer-songwriters. Teenagers today are likely to have heard their music and be Read the rest of this entry »

Adele’s Rolling In The Deep Brings Back Retro Soul

Adele’s soulful voice is one of a kind. Listening to her music has the ability to transport you to another time. The time of classic retro soul music. This is especially apparent in her mega hit Rolling in the Deep. Rolling in the Deep is one of those timeless songs that grab your heart and make you feel something. This is not another bubble gum pop tune. This is music. Between the incredible highs and lows that she is able to hit with Read the rest of this entry »

Party Rock Anthem And Modern Electronic Dance Music

LMFAO is perhaps the year’s hottest Electronic Dance Music Band. With their “Party Rock Anthem” and their mega hit “Sexy and I Know It” and with more songs to come they are most definitely keeping themselves on the top of the hit list. While some people may not like this type of music, there is no denying its popularity and usefulness in clubs, parties, etc. Let’s be honest, who does not feel the urge to dance when you hear these tunes come on?

Clubs are well known for playing electronic Read the rest of this entry »

Fun’s We Are Young And Its Impact On Advertising

One of the most interesting things to analyze is how popular songs are created, and when a band explodes. Sometimes it can seem completely random, and other times it seems like the song carries itself to success. In the case of We are Young by fun. , the answer is more complicated.

fun. has made two records now, and their first record did not get anywhere near the same level of play as the current album Some Nights. Read the rest of this entry »

Katy Perry – Keeping The Fireworks Burning Track

Since Katy Perry first hit the scene as the latest pop sensation, she has been in the news for a variety of reasons. While her recent break up with her new boyfriend seems to overshadow a lot of other activities from the singer, many are waiting for her new film to come out. That’s right, the singer and star will make her theatrical debut with a new movie that will chronicle her rise to fame Read the rest of this entry »